For the discriminating sportsman, Gary Lowery, of Lowery Taxidermy, has the skill, and the patience to make fish look alive.  He takes the time to make sure that every scale is exactly in the right place and that the colors are perfect.   He has been doing this for the past 30 years and has won many ribbons for his mounts.  He does skin mounts of fish as well as reproduction fish ( fiberglass replica ) mounts.  He can, and does, ship mounts across Canada and to the United States.

   Gary mounts all sizes of fish; from the smallest perch to the biggest musky. These can each be considered trophies.  It could be from a group of men who get together yearly for the largest or smallest fish caught on the weekend, to the father or mother who takes their son or daughter out on their first fishing trip. All of these people have fond memories of their day and so the fish is considered a trophy.